A Moment I have…

I have the land and the sky,

with shedded wings, high I can fly,

With blessings, Smile & joy I have,

everything I deserve, a moment I have…

I proposed, God disposed,

for none left unfulfilled,

I pray and thank him again,

everything I wanted, A moment I have…

I looked back and peeped ahead,

found sadness and darkness everywhere;

rolling tears & few hopes of dreams

A moment I have, to feel everything…

In my heart, I felt the pain,

for I don’t face it again,

but who has cheated time?

A moment I have, that is mine…

nothing to congratulate & celebrate,

Just the rythem of heart and viens,

sleepless nights; missing you,

A moment I have, everything without you

The World & The Wings

It took me three hours to write this. My 3rd note / poem. I was frustrated… was sleepy but couldn’t sleep. Just wrote this: 
1) ‘ings’: It is referred as meadows.
2) The word ‘Bird’ can be used for understanding any form of Gender (i.e. Male or Female… don’t think of anything else… lol) 

What is it that has changed my Life?
What is it that has moved my mind?
I can’t talk to people, the way i want
I can’t love those, the way I want…

The Love that dwells from one another,
is hated the most for no reason…
Yes… its about two birds,
hated by the world for being with ‘each-other’

“You can’t give a name,
It’s not possible”
The world lies
to make it’s wish possible.

Who cares now?
Who loves now?
The world is deep & dark to stay in,
Their love is blind enough to see it.

“I don’t want to answer to that, stop writing!”
I dont believe you told me that!
I wont blame you for telling me that,
I know you care; hence you told me that!

Its easy to understand your love,
U cant meet me
bcoz of the world,
Go ahead! Fulfil the world’s wish!

The bird is flying alone,
gets tired along,
doesn’t want to spread his wings
for there’s no one in his ‘ings’

I want to fly,
I want to enjoy,
I want to spread my wings,
to care for you in my ‘ings’

Has this changed my Life?
Has this moved my mind?
Now, There’s no use of getting aware
as I can’t do things but the way they are…

(In other words: As I can do things only the way they are…)

The world meets the bird
loves the bird,
uses the bird,
to make it’s wish possible.

The bird is happy with others
wants to fly high, as others;
but can’t talk to people, the way he wants,
can’t love those, the way he wants…

“Rhyming lines are not poems…”
the beautiful mind understands this;
yet it writes, to make itself light.
Is this wrong / Isn’t this right?

The world awaits its decision,
hardly bothers about the bird,
Until it needs the bird for its work
or gets a chance to speak a taunt…

No space to fly
disturbs the bird a lot,
sometimes stays in his ‘ings’,
sometimes spread his wings…

The world doesnt know,
The two birds sometimes meet
to sing the song of peace…
to sing the song of Love…

The Valentine Breeze…

This is my First Poem. 

I woke up thinking of you,
realized heart’s pain,
wished you were here,
but in vain…

I smiled thinking of you,
remembered your blushy face,
eyes down with a pink smile of you,
made me lost, in the busy race…

I laughed at my Life,
“Is this the breeze of Valentine?”
Whatever it was… I was loving it…
Wait, she is quiet, she is sad, she wants her valentine!

I again laughed at my life,
I could see the future, but i didn’t bother,
continued flirting, to see her simple smile,
Yes! she did smile…

I tried my best to keep you smiling,
yet you told ‘some one’
“I am not liking it,
didn’t expect my valentine’s day
doing project in this way.”
of course, you didn’t mean it with me;
the work was bugging;
But you didn’t realize,
with those words, it was me who was hurting…

with the last few moments i thought,
“Thats all, its all over”
She again called up ‘someone’; seemed fought,
told my friend in anger
“I can’t wait, I am leaving.”

As the work was to get over,
My friend tried convincing her,
But, she wanted to leave
‘she might be your valentine breeze?’

It wasn’t my heart, wasn’t my mind,
whatever it was;
I was cursing the guy,
who faded your simple smile…

I starred at you,
angry, annoyed and upset,
‘come on prassh, stop her once,
she will listen…’

“Please wait, I’ll drop you then,
Please…” – in my style;
She looked down, closed her eyes,
turned around like a child,
took a chair, sat infront of me…

I am smiling, thinking of you now,
I mean it this time; everytime,
wish you were here, sitting infront of me,
this time; every time…

we came down from the rocket launcher,
supposed to catch a rick & a local
but she looked at my chopper & tested me,
“how much time will it take to reach?”

I understood the beauty wanted a ride,
my experience uttered –
“In my speed – Forty minutes,
in your speed – more than sixty minutes!”

She looked at me stunted:
“Are you serious?”
– “yes I am serious.”
Hope she understood what i meant
but yaaarrr, she justtt wanted a ride!

She complained about my forwarded jokes, on the way,
but to keep her smile, this was the only way;
the flirt and the calls of ‘someone’
one after the another
wait, she finally hung up!

She screemed in between,
“Chill, its just 90!”;
I flirted more,
she got flattered more…

she again called up ‘someone’
they fixed a spot to meet
then she asked me, “will you wait?”
I went blank…

We reached, she got down
her eyes had water
but somewhere i felt
her heart had tears…

she was happy, she was laughing,
couldn’t stand on her feet;
“this was crazy, look at my hands…
this is for sure going into my blog;
At the end of the Valentine day, something was good.”
I just nodded,
lost into her voice,
– “For me, the ride wasn’t crazy.”

I couldn’t leave her alone on the road,
she cracked some worst jokes,
I couldn’t even laugh but smile
as to depart, was the time…

she met ‘someone’
she met her valentine
she was happy
and asked me to stay…

I felt her heart wanted me
but i had to leave,
“Are you sure?”
– “Yes, I want to have a sound sleep!”

With the farewell, i thought
“Thats all, it’s all over”
We didn’t exchange our numbers
she didn’t ask me nor did I…

Like a breeze, you came & touched my heart,
Like a breeze, you had to continue your journey,
Like a breeze, I can only feel you,
Like a breeze, I had to let you go!!!

Thanks for being my Valentine breeze,
I am writing today because of you;
Of course, this poem is about me not you,
It’s about my feelings but for you!

“Thats all, it’s all over”
Next day, my friend called me
they again needed help from me
there again, The Valentine breeze met me
then again, I laughed at my life…